Committees & Teams

WIN combines our resources to have a significant impact on our community. The work of WIN is done through Committees and Teams, which draw on members' skills - and it's a fantastic way to get to know one another!  

Joining a WIN committee is one more way to let your talents shine through!  We'd love to have your energy on one or more of our teams.  If you are interested to learn more, each of the leaders is shown below. Click on their name -- they'd be delighted to hear from you and share current opportunities.   

Membership - Carol Kennedy

Purpose:  As ambassadors for WIN, recruit new and retain existing members such that WIN members achieve their philanthropic goals and establish lasting relationships

Skills:  Natural connector, strong interpersonal skills, influencer, outgoing and engaging style; match maker; attention to detail; good follow-up; excited to meet new people 

Communications & PR - Jenny Callison

Purpose:  Inform membership of events, decisions, opportunities;  support board and committees in two-way flow of information with membership; promote WIN externally  

Skills: Marketing and PR expertise, communications planning / follow-through, clear written communications, graphic design and layout, web content, social media setup, engagement and maintenance skills 

Philanthropy Team - Sharon Stewart

Purpose:  Identify and provide programming and activities that imbed philanthropy and grant making into all facets of WIN, including interactive programs that inform members the four rotating WIN Themes and philanthropy, volunteer opportunities, small groups and regular grantee updates. 

 Skills: Organizational and communication skills, program development, meeting facilitation, adult group learning processes, expertise in WIN Themes, nonprofit experience, community networking, passionate about extending WIN impact beyond grant awards.

Grants - Isabella Hinds

Purpose:  Evaluate and shortlist grant applicants using a transparent, inclusive process, ensuring WIN selects large and small grant recipients who will deliver maximum impact

Skills:  Objectivity, critical thinking, team player, ability to assess grant applications

Technology Team - Kate Phillips Connolly

Purpose:  Evaluate, set up and maintain application and technology solutions to support WIN goals, processes and committees

Skills:  Systems and process thinking, familiarity with technology, ability to evaluate technology options and simplify implementation, ability to establish efficient maintenance

Events - Linda Brown

Purpose:  Organize Annual Awards Luncheon, WIN Annual Meeting, and other events as agreed with the Board.  Support WIN events and meeting requirements for WIN committees

Skills:  Event planning expertise, love of entertaining, detail-oriented, flexible and resourceful, flexible schedule on day of events. Familiarity with meeting technologies (including A/V)

Wondering what would be expected? 

Committees vary greatly in terms of skills required, effort involved and which times of the year they are most busy.  For example, Membership and Communications & PR are active throughout the year.  Philanthropy is just getting off the ground and designing their new approach - a great time to join!  The Grants committee is intensely active in the first part of the year leading up to selecting our recipients in May.  

Even within a committee time requirements vary and you can manage your overall contribution throughout the year - as little or as much as you can offer, and whenever it works for you!   

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