The Basics:

Every year, WIN makes two large grants and two or three smaller grants. The amount of money in our grant pool in any given year depends on how many members we have that year.

    The area of giving rotates in a four-year cycle between Education, Health and Wellness, Environment, and Arts & Culture.

      Separate Large and Small Grants Committee narrow the applicants down to a few finalists. Members select the two recipients from the Large Grant finalists, while the Small Grants Committee selects the Small Grant recipients.

      2019 Grant Committee members:

      Large Grants:  Co-Chairs: Isabella Hinds & Maureen Vasquez

              Margaret Barclay   Ericca Burke   Deb Chrisman    Andrea Clarkson

             Kay Dougherty        Ann Hale          Babs Sutton      Monica Rolquin

      Small Grants: Co-Chairs: Kendall Hurt & Dana O’Donovan

           Ruth Louie   Jeanne Philip  Janet Stiegler   Suzanne Thatcher

      The Grant Cycle:

      The eight-month process begins in the autumn, with the publicizing the area of focus for the year, and a request for letters of intent (LOI) from organizations whose programs and needs align with that focus.

      A Forum on the focal area, drawing on local expertise is held for members. The Forum is an opportunity for members to learn more in general about current topics in the focal area, and in particular the needs and resources of our community.

      The Forum is followed by smaller format discussion groups, where members can talk about the issues raised in the forum. Member feedback from both the Forum and the Discussion Groups is provided to the Grants committees who represent the membership in shortlisting the applicants.

      The initial Letters of Intent (LoIs) are reviewed to ensure that they meet the core requirements (the project relates to the topic, the organization is qualified as a non-profit, the project impact area is in New Hanover County, etc.).  The shortlisted organizations are invited to submit a full grant application. 

      Also at this time, any potential conflicts of interest amongst committee members are flagged, and members with conflicts are recused as necessary.

      The full applications are reviewed and evaluated by the two committees. Small grant recipients are determined by the small grants committee. The finalists for the Large Grant are invited to make a presentation to the Committee and the membership, in a structured Q&A format.  The Committee then meets a final time to evaluate the finalists and prepare recommendations for the membership. Voting is through an online voting portal.

      Each year's recipients are honored at WIN's annual meeting. The meeting also provides an opportunity for the previous year's grantees to report on what they accomplished with their grant funds.

      More information about our Grant recipients can be found on the Grant Recipients page. 

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