The Basics:

Every year, WIN makes several grants to non-profits in New Hanover County for projects focused on a specific Area of Giving.  

WIN’s Area of Giving topics rotate in a four-year cycle among:

Health and Wellness
Arts & Culture

      Separate Large and Small Grants Committee narrow the applicants down to a few finalists. Members vote for the recipients from the Large Grant finalists, while the Small Grants Committee selects the Small Grant recipients.

      The 2021 WIN Area of Giving ARTS & CULTURE

      Key Dates for the 2021 Grant Cycle: 

      October 6, 2020: Official start of the 2021 WIN Grants Cycle

      January 4, 2021: Letter of Intent available online

      March 5, 2021: Letters of Intent due

      March 19, 2021: Applications requested from selected potential grantees

      April 9, 2021: Applications due from selected potential grantees

      April 28/29, 2021: Interviews of potenial grantees

      May 5-12, 2021 WIN members vote for final grantees

      May 13, 2021: Grant winners are notified

      May 18, 2021: Grant winners are honored at WIN Annual Luncheon 

      2021 Grant Committee members

                         Large Grants                                               Small Grants


      Chair: Patricia de la Sota                          Chair: Jeanette Philips

                       Vice-Chair: TBD                                                  Vice-Chair: TBD


      Members:                                                             Members:

                       Kay Dougherty                                                        Ericca Burke

                       Donna Howard                                                       Sadie Campbell

                       Carol Kennedy                                                        Kendall Hurt

                       Kim Nelson                                                              Cindy Steiner

                       Nancy Scott-Finan                                                 Janet Stiegler

                       Babs Sutton                                                             Suzanne Thatcher

                       Linda Thomas                                                         Beth Ventre

                       Maureen Vasquez                                                  Kate Woodbury 


      The Grant Cycle:

      The WIN grant cycle begins in October of each year, when WIN publicizes the specific Area of Giving topic for that year’s grants.  

      From October through February, WIN organizes events aimed at educating WIN members on the current Area of Giving topic and the needs and resources of our community specific to that topic.  Events can include a panel discussion comprised of local expertise, small group discussions, film screenings, field trips, etc. 

      In early January, potential grantees are invited to submit a Letter of Interest (LOI)  which describes their proposed project(s) that relate to the year’s Area of Giving topic.  Potential grantees must be certified 501(c)(3) organizations, must have no political or religious affiliation, and must operate in and serve New Hanover County. The LOIs are due in early March.  

      Once the LOIs are received, any potential conflicts of interest amongst the grant committee members are flagged and reviewed: members with conflicts are recused as necessary.

      Grants Committee members review and score the LOIs based on the proposed project’s relevance to WIN’s Grounded Giving and WIN members’ feedback on areas of highest interest.  By late March, those non-profits with the strongest submissions are asked to complete a more comprehensive Grant Application Grant Applications are due in early/mid April.  

      The Grant Applications are rigorously reviewed, vetted and evaluated by the appropriate grant committee.

      • Large grant finalists are invited to a Q&A session with the committee: WIN Members are encouraged to attend. The Large Grant Committee then meets a final time and identifies the recommended grant recipient(s) which are then submitted to the WIN membership for a final vote. 

      • The Small Grant Committee identifies the grants recipients directly from the Grant Applications.

      Large and small grant recipients are notified in early May, and invited to the WIN Annual Luncheon  in mid-May. 

      Also at the Annual Luncheon the previous year's grantees update members on what they have accomplished with their grant funds. 

      More information about our Grant recipients can be found on the Grant Recipients page. 

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