WIN is a significant force in New Hanover County and part of a powerful national movement, Women’s Giving Circles.   Members pool their resources and work collectively to directly impact quality of life issues in New Hanover County.  WIN enhances its impact in our community by focusing on specific needs each year, cycling through specified areas of giving: Arts and Culture (2021); Education (2022); Health & Wellness (2023), and Environment (2024).

WIN evolves with the interests and energy of its members

Energetic Philanthropy Team members actively craft opportunities for like-minded members to join together in highly effective smaller groups we call Circles where individuals with a particular interest maintain a focus on

  • Learning more about each Area of Giving, sharing what’s going on within those communities between Grant Cycles, and staying in touch with our grant recipients
  • Exploring new concepts and best practices in philanthropy, through our Book Club that has emerged as WIN’s think tank.  Take a look at our Reading List for some past titles
  • Articulating what WIN means by Impact, regularly refreshing a clear and inspiring statement of the types of projects we are seeking, Grounded Giving

Philanthropy also supports WIN members who want to establish new Circles. 

Each year Philanthropy offers a cycle of  established events

  • September

Panel on philanthropy, presenting WIN members, national experts, or local leaders to provoke, inspire, and share knowledge on philanthropy

  • October

Opportunity to begin learning how the year’s Area of Giving impacts our Community and makes it a better place to live

  • December

Holiday celebration that provides fun and networking and benefits one of our past grantees

  • February

Panel of Experts who will deepen our knowledge of the year’s Area of Giving and prepare Members  for our upcoming Grants Cycle

And throughout the year, ad hoc opportunities:

  • “Serious but Social” events related to the year’s  Area of Giving whether a visit to the Arboretum to view works of art or a cruise on the Cape Fear River to experience the beauty of our environment
  • Workshops to educate us on how to be better philanthropist whether it’s insight on how  to make an informed decision about volunteering or knowledge on how to manage our philanthropic giving in a tax advantaged way
  • Pop up opportunities to support our Grantees whether refreshing the garden at The Carousel Center or packing boxes for Nourish NC

Current members include:  Isabella Hinds (Chair), Lynne Herndon (Vice Chair), Sadie Campbell, Kay  Doughterty, Susan Henley, Donna Howard, Laura McCabe, Kim Nelson, Cheryll Schramm, Janet Stieger, and Carolyn Thomas.  

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