• After reviewing applications from 45 local organizations, two large and three smaller grants are being awarded, for a total of $60,000. Read more about the recipients, and the work that they are doing for our community, by clicking on their logos!



The Women’s Impact Network of New Hanover County (WIN) announces its 2020 Area of Giving, the Environment Non-profits who serve New Hanover county and have projects that they believe will have strong environmental impact in New Hanover County are encouraged to express interest in applying for a 2020 grant. 

WIN is a giving collective of more than 100 members, founded in 2012.  The organization has given grants over the past 8 years to applicants of all sizes and scale, in the following rotating Areas of Giving:  Education, Health and Wellness, Environment, and Arts and Culture.  Grants awarded have totaled $317,000 typically ranging from $2,500 to $30,000.  The common denominator of all the Grants awarded has been their potential for making an Impact in New Hanover County.

Letter of Interest forms are now available and are due no later than March 6th.  On March 20, a full application will be requested from those organizations which have demonstrated strong projects in their LOI.   Grant recipients will be notified no later than May 8 and awards will be presented at WIN’s Annual Luncheon on May 14.

Please visit the Grants Process page to learn more.  Additional information may be obtained by emailing win4nhc@gmail.com, and including WIN Grants Environment in the subject line.


WIN Members are involved with community organizations in a myriad of ways: donating, volunteering, participating in their programs. We bring our collective experiences of both giving and receiving to the process of identifying where an extra resource can have a meaningful impact.

There are three parts to this process:

          • Understanding the needs of the community
          • Understanding how philanthropy can be most effective
          • Maximizing the impact of the grants themselves

As a community we try to address all three parts, through formal and informal gatherings, and by building on the relationships with the community organizations involved in the grant process. 

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