WIN Circles

WHAT:  WIN “Circles” are like minded groups of members who want to focus on a particular area and get to know others with similar interests.  Some are suggested by WIN,  and members are welcome to kick off their own.  Each Circle has a few clear responsibilities to share its insights with  all Members, and each Circle develops  its own agreed ways of  working together.

WHO:  Anyone who would like to – it's optional! 

WHY:  Provide a way for WIN members to get to know one another better, in smaller groups, with a particular focus.  We have a diverse membership with a variety of interests.  Circles allow members to self-select the type and frequency of involvement they wish to have while still enjoying the impact  of being in a larger group.

WHEN:  Each Circle establishes its own meeting schedule and frequency


WIN has now initiated a Circle for each Area of Giving, and each is developing in synch with the Grant cycle of its area. To join any of these Circles, you can reach out directly to the contacts listed below, or you can simply add it to your member profile by following this link and ticking the relevant boxes (note: you have to be signed in as a WIN member- if you have never signed in before you can get easy step-by-step instructions here)

Environment: contact Laura McCabe

The Environment Circle (WIN's "tree huggers!") invites members to share events and information about environmental goings on in our community. Circle members recently helped 2020 grant recipient plant trees funded by our grant. If your passion is "green," join the Environment Circle!

Arts & Culture: contact Lynne Herndon

Arts & Culture is now ramping up for its initial presentation and welcome of new members on October 7 

Education: contact Isabella Hinds

The Education Circle has selected their team lead and will begin gathering members November 1

Health and Wellness: contact Isabella Hinds,

The Health & Wellness Circle has selected their team lead selected and will begin gathering members November 1.

Ongoing Circle: 

Book ClubCome to every meeting or just when the book draws you in; books include thought provoking explorations of Philanthropy and books on the Area of Giving for the year.  Interested?  Contact Lynne Herndon

What's your idea?  What’s your passion?  If you have an idea for a Circle, whether you want to lead it or just be a part of something special, please send your ideas and interests to Isabella Hinds.


Background:  WIN members are united by their strong desire to collectively make a difference in our community. At the same time, WIN members are incredibly diverse and have a wide range of interests and preferences as shown in our first 10 in 10 survey.

It's clear that WIN members would like to get to know one another better and how we are individually involved in philanthropy.  Gaining a better understanding of philanthropy is important to members, many of whom would like to explore ways we can contribute beyond our primary mission of making grants to non-profits.  

We also have members who would like to dig more deeply into specific topics, including our WIN themes of Environment, Education, Arts & Culture, and Health & Wellness -- more than can be done in a large group setting.  Others have expressed interest in getting to know the broader needs of the community.  

WIN members shared that they are very interested to get together in smaller groups - and we got a taste of that with the Health & Wellness small discussion groups. 

Successful collective giving groups often form smaller groups within the organization that allow members to come together on a topic of their choice, as frequently as they wish, wherever they choose. 

WIN will start up a couple of groups this summer, after completion of the 2019 grant cycle.  All ideas are welcome - and if you'd like to lead one of the Circles, please send a note to Isabella Hinds

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