WIN Circles

WHAT:  WIN “Circles” are like minded groups of members who want to focus on a particular area and get to know others with similar interests.  Some are suggested by WIN,  and members are welcome to kick off their own.  Each Circle has a few clear responsibilities to share its insights with  all Members, and each Circle develops  its own agreed ways of  working together.

WHO:  Anyone who would like to – it's optional! To learn more about any of these Circles, you can reach out directly to the contacts listed below. The year listed identifies the next time that Area of Giving will be eligible for WIN Grants. 

WHY:  Provide a way for WIN members to get to know one another better, in smaller groups, with a particular focus.  We have a diverse membership with a variety of interests.  Circles allow members another path to choose the type and frequency of involvement they wish to have in WIN and focus in for a time on one of our Areas of Giving.

WHEN:  Each Circle establishes its own meeting schedule and frequency.

Arts & Culture (2021):  contact Lynne Herndon

Education (2022):  contact Isabella Hinds

Health and Wellness (2023):  contact Susan Henley

Environment (2024): contact Laura McCabe

Background for our Circles:  WIN members are united by their strong desire to make a difference in our community through collective action. At the same time, WIN members are incredibly diverse and have a wide range of interests and preferences and individual involvement in philanthropy.  Our Circles allow Members to dig more deeply into specific topics, share their knowledge, act on specific interests, and gain in depth insight into the success, challenges and strategic direction of relevant non-profits from year to year. 

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