Gareth Evans, Executive Director of Bellamy Mansion Museum, gave an update on the outcomes from their 2018 Grant at the 2019 annual WIN Awards Luncheon. Read more about the presentation here

Bellamy Mansion

A 2018 Large Grant recipient, the Bellamy Mansion museum is using the funds to enhance its urban slave dwelling program, expanding related educational offerings and interpretation efforts that will help the public understand the lives of the enslaved people who lived there.

The Bellamy Mansion has one of the only intact urban slave quarters in the South, and they take that responsibility very seriously. The major restoration of the slave quarters has been completed, and they are now working to make it a catalyst for open and meaningful educational opportunities with a diverse audience

The Bellamy Mansion team is working on expanding their educational offerings with an increased focus on the enslaved workers who lived there. As rare as the building is, having a history of the enslaved workers is even rarer. The BellamyMansion is now completing the story by focusing on Sarah, Rosella, Joan, Mary Ann, Caroline, and three young unnamed girls, as well as Guy and Tony--all of whom lived on site as enslaved workers.

Through its support of new interpretative kiosks, a free publication with 
newly discovered research on the enslaved women, and an updated video, the WIN grant has had an impact on the visitor experience and bringing new understanding of the world of the ante-bellum mansion - for all of its participants. 

Photos of Bellamy Mansion:

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