Isabella Hinds


For Isabella, helping people walk through growth and change has been central to her professional and personal lives, requiring vision, determination. She has chaired both the Grants and Philanthropy committees and was active in the development of WIN’s “Grounded Giving” document. She sees “Serious and social” not as opposites but a creative way to capture how different people have fun, an important part of the ‘glue’ in any organization. She thrives on the satisfaction that comes when something meaningful has been accomplished and all can share in the success, and adds (quoting from the Art of Relevance) “We have to be willing to expose our passion and try - however we can-to make it attractive and relevant to others.

Term 11/20-11/23

Maureen Vasquez


Maureen was born in Westbrook, Maine but grew up in a small town near Acadia National Park.  She graduated from Simmons College in Boston and worked in commercial banking until she was asked to come home to help run her family’s dairy processing facility.  Following the sale of her family’s business she worked in the Boston area for one of the largest dairy processing companies in the US where she implemented an order to cash system throughout the Northeast.  At 40, she went back to Simmons and received her MBA.  

Maureen loves to travel, enjoys cooking and all things outdoors.  She teaches fitness classes, is a Certified Personal Trainer and volunteers much of her free time.  She and her husband Bill live in Carolina Beach.

Term 11/20-11/22

Elise Wilson


Elise joined win in 2018, and is currently serving as the Treasurer on the WIN Board. A Wilmington native, she spent time living and working in Colorado before heading home. She is a Financial Planner at UBS.

Committed to serving her community, Elise is inspired by the work WIN has already done and wants to be an integral part WIN's efforts to have a positive impact in the Wilmington area.

Elise has been married to her husband, Joel, for seventeen years and has two children, Banks and Lowman, as well as a dog, Ranger, and cat, BK.

Term 11/19-11/22

Patricia de la Sota


Patricia was born in Argentina, moved to the U.S. at a young age, graduated from Boston University and spent a wonderful 30+ year career at the Central Intelligence Agency, where the work she performed protected the US, its people, and its values. She now spends most of her time doing volunteer work: she loves her volunteer scuba diving gig at the Fort Fisher Aquarium and she also volunteers at the Vintage Values consignment store in Monkey Junction, sales from which benefit Domestic Violence Shelter and Services, Inc. 

Patricia is a lover of all kinds of animals, a responsible steward of the earth and thrives on diversity in people, ideas, and food. She loves to travel and has visited all seven continents, some many times over. Patricia and her husband Jerry live in Carolina Beach with their rescue lab, Riley. 

Term 05/22-11/23 (finishing Donna Howard's term)

Lynne Herndon


Lynne joined WIN in 2013. Over the last two years, she has joined the Philanthropy Team, chaired the WIN Book Club, and participated in the Arts and Culture Circle. She is inspired to dig deeper and contribute more time and talent to WIN because I love interacting with smart, creative women on these projects. Her business approach to management, strategic planning, and marketing developed over a long career in publishing, which culminated in the role of President and CEO of Cell Press (a Boston based publisher). She also has experience of non-profit boards and actively supports participatory membership.

Term 11/20-11/23

Lynn Anderson


I’m one of 40 founding members of WIN. In that time, I’ve served as the liaison to our original parent organization the North Carolina Community Foundation and a member of the Grants Committee when Environment was the focus. I believe in the concept of collective giving as a more effective and IMPACTFUL method of making a difference not only in our community, but in the life of a non profits journey. Becoming acquainted with a vast array of New Hanover County NPO’s has been enriching and I credit WIN for this new found perspective. Philanthropy has always been one of the Anderson’s annual commitments, but has often felt unsatisfying. WIN proposed to allow each member the chance to participate in choosing where donated funds would be directed, and that unique level of involvement appealed to me.

Term 11/21-11/23

Kay Dougherty

Circle Lead, Youth Philanthropy

Kendall Hurt

Chair, Grants Committee

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