Philanthropy is often described as "private initiatives for the public good, focusing on quality of life."  WIN members pool their resources and work collectively to directly impact quality of life issues in New Hanover County, focusing on needs in Health & Wellness, Arts and Culture, the Environment, and Education.

While our primary activity is to award grants in support of high impact projects at local non-profits, WIN members have expressed strong appetite to:

- learn more about our grant recipients and volunteer

- understand members' experiences in philanthropy and how others are involved in the community 

- explore the concept of philanthropy more deeply

In response, WIN has re-imagined our very successful Education Committee and is setting up a Philanthropy Team.  Current members include:  Debby Gomulka (Chair), Ann Hale, Susan Henley, Isabella Hinds, Lynne Herndon, Donna Howard, Laura McCabe and Cheryll Schramm.  We still have 2 spots left, so if you are interested, please contact WIN board liaison for the Team, Sharon Stewart.

These highly energetic members are actively crafting opportunities to Volunteer with a Grantee and participate in a WIN Circle.

We will have a Philanthropy Event in September, and will kickoff the Annual Theme in October.  You'll also find a Reading List with thought-provoking articles and books about philanthropy. 

In addition, WIN has spot requirements from time to time for specialized skills to support WIN's internal work that underpins our mission of philanthropy.  Please have a look at the opportunities to Volunteer within WIN as well! 

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