Your Grants Committees reviewed 10 LOI submissions for small grants and 28 for large grants.  

The Small Grants Committee invited six organizations to submit a full application:                               

Coastal Therapeutic Riding              

Disability Resources Center

Food Bank of Central & Eastern N.C.

Smart Start of NHC 

Wilmington Lions Club                     

YWCA of the Lower Cape Fear

The Large Grants Committee invited ten organizations to submit a full application. 4 finalists (in bold) were interviewed at a Q&A session open to members on May 6. Summaries of these 4 proposals are below.                                        

Blue Ribbon Commission

Cape Fear Clinic

Community Boys & Girls Club 

Community Care of Lower Cape Fear

Community Enrichment

GLOW (Girls' Leadership Academy)

MedNorth Health Center

Nourish NC

Pretty in Pink                                 



Member voting took place from May 7-14 and grants were awarded to the 2019 winners at the Annual Luncheon on May 23. 

Large Grant Finalist Proposal Summaries

Agency:  Cape Fear Clinic, Inc.

Contact:  John Devaney, Executive Director

Agency Mission:  Cape Fear Clinic was founded in 1991 as Tileston Health Clinic to provide medical care to those in our area who would otherwise be unable to access care.  Our charity-care qualified patients do not have any form of insurance and have incomes of less than 200% of Federal Poverty Guidelines.  Adults with Medicaid are also served.  CFC serves all without regard to race, religion, gender, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, or sexual orientation.  All patients are asked to pay $3 for services, but no one is ever turned away due to inability to pay.  Sixty percent (60%) of patients are female.  CFC currently has around 2,300 - 2,500 active patients.

Project Summary:  CFC proposes to expand our Integrative Care Utilizing Clinical Pharmacy Servicesmodel, providing a higher level of care delivered with more consistency.  Currently these services are only provided on a selected basis as caseloads permit for existing staff.  This funding will ensure that all patients will be offered appropriate services based on their clinical need.

The model relies on the use of Clinical Pharmacist Practitioners (CPPs) who fill a variety of gaps in care integration and coordination that are commonly encountered in primary care health communities.  A CPP is a licensed pharmacist approved to provide drug therapy management under the direction of a licensed physician.   In laymen’s terms, a CPP is roughly equivalent to a Nurse PR actioner or Physician’s Assistant with one exception; they cannot make an initial diagnosis.  On the other hand, a CPP is a better dispensing pharmacist because they provide clinical services and they are a better clinician because they can dispense medications.

If WIN funding is awarded, CFC will use the funds to support the cost of two (2) part-time Pharmacy Technicians (total of 40 hours/week) utilize.  The Pharmacy Technicians will free up the two staff Clinical Pharmacist PR actioners (CPPs) to allow for greater clinical care availability.  

Impact:  The uniqueness of the Clinical Pharmacist Practioners program at the Cape Fear Clinic is a significant factor in their service delivery.  The use of CPP’s results in better care for patients and frees up other medical providers to focus on other medical needs.  In sum, Cape Fear Clinic using this model can serve more patients and manage more appointments providing better outcomes for more patients.  Adding Pharmacy Technicians will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the model.

Alignment with themes of Health and Wellness Education: Recognize the impact on health outcomes of providing comprehensive care from a primary provider

Agency: MedNorth Health Center

Contact:  Althea Johnson, Executive Director

Brief Description of the Organization:  Med North Health Center is a qualified health center providing traditional primary care services, family medicine, pediatrics, prenatal care, women’s health as well as integrated behavioral heal, oral health services, podiatry as well as an on-site pharmacy.  We offer a sliding fee discount for all uninsured and underinsured patients, based on income and family size.  We also accept Medicaid, Medicare, and most third-party insurances.  In 2018, MedNorth provided services for 7,100 individuals. Fifty-seven percent (57%) of those patients had no health insurance coverage and incomes at or below 200% of the poverty level

Project Summary: MedNorth is seeking funding to support critical patient engagement and assistance programs through the purchase of equipment required for new initiatives.  The requested items will allow MedNorth to perform more procedures in house, increasing the likelihood that their patients will complete the procedure. WIN funds will impact health outcomes directly for almost 200 patients and with the autoclaves increase procedures available for all patients who identify MedNorth as their primary health care provider.  Specifically, MedNorth is requesting funding to launch:

Self-Measured Blood Pressure Monitoring (SMBP) Program:

MedNorth currently serves over 1500 patients with a diagnosis of hypertension. The new SMBP initiative will start with 100 patients whose hypertension is uncontrolled.  Those patients will receive a blood pressure monitors to measure their blood pressure daily, along with training from the nursing staff on how to measure blood pressure and information on the importance of medication adherence, as well as diet and exercise.

Safe Car Seats for Newborns

In 2018, MedNorth provided prenatal care for 83 women.  A newborn should be seen by a physician within five (5) days of being discharged from the hospital.  Of the 53 MedNorth patients who delivered in 2018, only 28 of those newborns were seen in the five-day window.  One of the reasons for not coming was the lack of a car seat.  With 50 car rear facing car seatspurchased through WIN funding, a car seat will be delivered by staff at the hospital before the mother and infant are discharged, along with encouragement to have the infant seen on time.

Other Equipment to increase inhouse service delivery and increase service completion:

-  LEEP (loop electrosurgical excision procedure) instruments to remove precancerous or sometimes cancerous cells; in 2018, MedNorth had to refer 32 gynecological patients to other providers.  Acquisition of this equipment will allow completion of the necessary procedure on site.

-  Additional autoclave to replace an existing one which is 5 years old and requires frequent service.  Adding another autoclave would streamline scheduling and allow more procedures to be performed per day.

Impact:  Patient engagement leads to better health outcomes.  This is especially true when patients are able to receive procedures at their primary care provider rather than have to follow referrals elsewhere.  Patients invested in their healthcare are more aware of their symptoms and more likely to reach out to their provider regarding concerns.  WIN funding will allow MedNorth to perform more procedures in house, ensuring that the patient will have the procedure completed.

Alignment with themes of Health and Wellness Education:  Recognize the positive impact on health outcomes of keeping care consistent and “in-house” with the patient’s primary, trusted provider.

Agency:  NourishNC

Contact: Steve McCrossan, Executive Director

Agency Mission:  NourishNC (NNC) serves the 1 in 4 children in New Hanover County who struggle with hunger.  Our Backpack Program provides 1,000 + New Hanover County children with nutritious food over weekends and all school breaks. NourishNC’s Pantry Pals Program stocks emergency food pantries in schools and at other nonprofits that serve high-need children.  NourishNC’s Farmer’s MarKID takes fresh fruits and vegetables to wherever kids need us.

Project Summary: The Food Farmacy & Toddler TummiesPrograms are two distinct programs which will utilize the same labor, food, volunteers, and project materials, decreasing costs and streamlining production and distribution of the food boxes. These programs are free for families. Funds from the WIN grant will be used to purchase food and materials.  Both programs were piloted this spring;  WIN funds will allow NourishNC to officially launch and expand the programs.The is designed to

The Food Farmacy Program is designed to

      • Introduce food insecurity screening into the daily work flow of pediatricians and healthcare professional;
      • Address malnutrition, hunger and child food insecurity with an immediate box of food prescription for additional food to be picked up at NourishNC. 
      • Connect children long-term to Nourish NC’s programs and resources

Toddler Tummies will deliver high quality food to low income children right in their homes.  NourishNC’s partners, Coastal Horizon’s Child First and Smart Start’s “Parents as Teachers”, serve under-resourced children with very difficult behaviors or delays in their development or learning.  Their families are also dealing with stressors drug use, homelessness, and insufficient money for food or rent.

Impact: The Food Farmacy and Toddler Tummies Programsare a strategic part of NourishNC’s larger vision to be “anywhere and everywhere” food insecure children need us in New Hanover county. With these two new programs, we can now target and serve approximately 800 under-resourced kids right in theirhomes and doctor’s offices.  With a very small staff (3) NourishNC achieves a wide impact through the use of carefully cultivated partnerships, a large and loyal group of volunteers

Alignment with themes of Health and Wellness Education: Recognize the impact on health outcomes of social determinants, specifically food insecurity and food deserts.

Agency: Pretty in Pink

Contact:  Becky Horn, Executive Director

Agency Mission:  The Pretty in Pink Foundationremoves financial barriers to health care by providing NC breast cancer patients with funds to pay for surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and insurance co-pays, premiums, and deductibles. Pretty in Pinkis the only charity in NC focused on funding low-income breast cancer patients after diagnosis. Funds are paid directly to service providers to ensure patients follow through with their medical care.  

Project Summary:  This project will focus on identifying and funding uninsured or underinsured low-income breast cancer patients in New Hanover County that need financial assistance to pay for life-saving medical treatment.  WIN funds would be used to pay forsurgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and/or insurance deductibles and co-pays for approximately 9 womenin New Hanover County.

Candidates complete an application that is reviewed by our Medical Advisory Committee, comprised of physicians who serve on our Board of Directors.  Once a candidate is approved, Pretty in Pink negotiates the patient’s bills from service providers down to as low as the Medicare rate.  Then, using WIN project funds, Pretty in Pink will pay the patients’ bills directly to the service providers.  

Impact:  Funds received from WIN will increase the impact of Pretty in Pinkby allowing payment for medical treatment for at least 9 new Hanover County breast cancer patients giving them an increased chance for survival. For most of these patients that opportunity will also impact their families.

Alignment with themes of Health and Wellness Education:  Recognize the impact on health outcomes for the uninsured and underinsured.

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