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$50,500 Grant

The Brigade Boys and Girls Club for a music fundamentals and percussion program. They purchased percussion instruments (such as rhythm sticks, drums and tambourines) as well as a set of ukuleles to supplement gifts of guitars, pianos and keyboards from other donors. 

They also hired two professional musicians and dancers who worked with the Club staff to develop the music program: Ian was a top 20 contestant on the television show "The Voice," leads voice and rhythm classes, provides individual guitar and piano lessons, and serves as a mentor to Club members, and Tiffany complements Ian's expertise by teaching dance, rhythm and mime to Club members. Because of WIN's investment, Club members have had the opportunity to perform in front of audiences at the MLK Parade, Azalea Festival, Brigade's Breakfast at the Kids Table, and other church/community events.  Last year 171 children participated in the music program. Music programming continues to be a mainstay program at the Brigade Boys & Girls Club

For more information on Brigade Boys & Girls Club, click on the logo to go to their website.

$4,000 Grant

Forward Motion for production expenses

For more information on Dance Forward Motion, click on the logo to go to their website.

$2,500 Grant

Opera Wilmington to help with the cost of a new website

For more information on Opera Wilmington, click on the logo to go to their website.

$1,000 Grant

The Juneteenth annual community event to underwrite production costs

For more information on Junteenth, click on the logo to go to their website.

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